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Building A Connected

Immediate inventory upload, hotkey enabled, buy straight from APFusion, automate your PO process, and grow with the APFusion marketplace.

Immediate Inventory Upload

Pick and choose which vendors inventory is uploaded directly into your Powerlink system. We take ghost inventory to another level. With APFusion sending inventory updates every 15 minutes you can rest easy that stock-outs are a thing of the past.

HotKey Enabled

With APFusion uploading the inventory into your Powerlink database you’ll know if your vendor has it even before you click it! Eliminate wasted time and increase your team's efficiency with the APFusion HotKey.

Buy Straight From APFusion

Does your sales team ever say “Sorry, we don’t have that product in-stock?” Allow your sales team to serve the customer better. Buy direct from APFusion without even having to pick up the phone. Let our technology take over from there

Streamline The PO Process

Did you know it takes on average 1:40 seconds to generate a PO? After you buy on APFusion, we’ll beam that information back to your Powerlink system and create the PO for you.